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Title: The unshattered
Post by: Rayblon on February 16, 2018, 06:02:30 PM
Just an overarching idea that was inspired by another mob concept I just thought of. The shattering is what spawned the many permutations of Mythruna's world that we can access, but... maybe something more is at play now because of it... entities born of the rift between worlds, as it were. I propose that unlike most things, the unshattered all move, appear, and behave independent of game seeds -- they may have permutative artifacts that do target the player, but these entities would never change their course in response to them. They would not be directly synchronized or anything like that, mind. They would just behave according to algorithms that aren't affected by seeds. Of course, this would mean that they would also have to pass through walls and the like, but they could be adjusted on a case-by-case basis to prevent people from being killed in their homes and the like.

Unshattered would be slow moving as a rule, but also a constant; they can't be damaged or destroyed, and wouldn't cause damage to the environment. The living, though... Well, suffice to say, I suspect that even dragons would learn to avoid them. Permutative unshattered may also exist that, while they can move independent of themselves in other permutations, they have some trait or aspect that ties them to something from before the shattering.