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Title: What is this board for?
Post by: pspeed on October 11, 2011, 12:21:19 PM
In my mind I have a vision for where I'm going with the game.  There are features but there is also the "story" and the "feel" of the game to go along with it.  These are more just ideas rather than any specific features.

I frequently get asked about this stuff "in game" and I have responded with details in the past.  While I'm reluctant to promise too many things that I'm not sure are possible, there are many things that I _can_ talk about.

This is also sort of a defensive measure as many of the things on my private roadmap are squarely in the sights of other games.  It would be nice to have some things out in the open as more original ideas rather than that I copied some other game after the fact.