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1  General Category / General Discussion / Mythruna community story? on: November 25, 2014, 06:29:28 AM
          Okay, what if, there could be a section dedicated to stories about Mythruna? Not like the actual pre-game story, but stories that take place in the Mythruna world. Not actual player stories, but something that isn't in the game or never will be. You get my point; fiction. I would love that!
2  Development / Concepts / Re: Mythruna "Story" on: November 18, 2014, 07:29:51 PM
I have to wake up reltivly early so sorry if i'm not typing well  Wink

To Paul Speed: Are you doing procedurly generated worlds? This could help alot with your generated story. Certain races could spawn by certain spawn biome 'climates'. This dosen't mean you need seperate biomes, let's say you make a snowy forest and a regular forest spawns by it. You could add some numbers on the biome depending on what it is near. Example: Let's say the code for a snowy forest is 1500 and a code for a regular forest is 2000; they would average to create 1750 for the near by regular forest. That being said; certain races could spawn in certain biomes. With the number code, the species won't be far apart. Maybe reptilians could spawn in hot biomes and warm regular biomes, and Dwarves could spawn in cold biomes and cool regular biomes. Since reular biomes are proceduraly generated close together, and not on top of each other, races could still fight withought completeley destroying each other.

          Now, we can spawn villages like this. Let's say something happens to a village in chunk 1, biome 1. Let's say there are 5 chunks in biome 1. If a house mysteriolsy burnt down in a village in chunk 1, (they say the *whispers* did it) and you ask village 2 in chunk 2 about it, they wouldn't know. But if you added some kind of pre-game script for the villages to follow, they could know about it. If there is a 7% chance this could happen, every other village you see wouldn't be having a burning house propblem. And if another village spawns by the original one, it will know about the incident due to the procedural generation. A certain code should be given to accidents(The dragon! The fire), and it should be very vague. The game should look at the village and say;

 'The fire!' happened where. Plot 3, 123,79,456. Plot 3, 123,79,456 blocks regested: blah, blah, blah, dark brown wood. Villagers recognize: the old brown house. 5 villages in proximity. Sending message.....'

          That's my idea, anyway. I think there is more I can add on to it. What do you think?
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