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Author Topic: Enthal range  (Read 4491 times)
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« on: October 31, 2018, 08:24:54 AM »

Enthal is a previous concept of mine that relates to the precise control of magic energy. This is going to be somewhat short.

One's ability to control magic originates in the body(disregarding the origin of the energies themselves); the energy inside the caster is presumably the most precisely controllable. The fields they create outside of their bodies, however, should be much harder to precisely control, especially as distance increases. This is important because it would mean that as magic energies are distanced from the caster, regardless of their intention, that energy will trend toward behaving as it would without any interaction; heat based magic should begin to disperse into searing clouds of flame as it gains distance, even if the caster created a dense fireball, for instance. This can be circumvented to a point by maintaining a circuit-like field connecting the caster to what they conjure, but I can imagine that would become incredibly taxing at great distances.

With this in mind, disposable magic circuits would be exceedingly important for maintaining long range spells, as even specific training for enthal would have distinct limits. On that note, it would be quite interesting if it were possible to create magic circuits that functioned like transponders which could be projected with a spell and communicated with to a degree (eg a circuit that maintains the cohesion of a fireball, but also responds to specific energy blasts that would cause the fireball to explode instantly instead of dispersing or detonating on impact).

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