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Author Topic: Available glass dome  (Read 2024 times)
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« on: June 29, 2015, 10:38:00 PM »

I recently created a large glass dome thing at the bottom of the water pit where Rayblon's Japanese shrine is.

The main entrance to the glass dome is the coordinates are 1611.45 x -280.11

Bear in mind I built it much too large and about half of it is still flooded.  I got tired of trying to unflood it block by block after awhile so I gave up half way through.  Its a huge area.  

Now then, with that being said, there is a small cube within the flooded area which is unflooded.  In this cube is the closest shape I could get to a subway tunnel entrance.  It is a uselessly long staircase down to the pits of the earth. After that it just abruptly stops. I meant to continue building but I'll admit I just got bored of it after awhile.  So just so you all know there is a stair case going down to nothing just a few blocks above where you can no longer dig down.
It currently goes nowhere but fill free to make it go somewhere if you wish.  /

Also, the 10th step on that staircase is made of glass.

There is a reason for this. remove the glass and you will find a flooded tunnel that reaches straight down to the core.  Once down there, there are several winding tunnels that are not flooded but eventually open up into a large naturally formed flooded cave. /  /  /

In that cave I have carved out a hole to the surface where it comes out on a forested cliff over looking the Japanese shrine.  /

I am saying all this incase someone wishes to investigate.  The still half flooded glass dome and the underground escape tunnels are up for grabs.  I am bored of it and I am moving on.  But as I write this they are still there.  Mainly cause it was a pain in the ass to build and thus would probably be a pain in the ass to destroy.  If anyone wants to claim it as their own, feel free, but remember there is still a lot of flood damage so have fun unflooding about half of it.
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