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Author Topic: Some Thanksgiving progress...  (Read 2151 times)
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« on: December 02, 2017, 11:20:16 PM »

The stars aligned over Thanksgiving break and I both was able to take the week off of work AND there were no new health issues to deal with that week.  This meant that I was able to spend approximately 2-3 hours a day doing game-related coding.

"But Paul, you were off work..."

Yes, but my kids weren't out of school and anyway there's just a ton of day-to-day stuff that I have to take care of now.  2-3 hours just for me was pretty cool.

Anyway who follows MythrunaGame on twitter (or Simsilica on twitter) or is subscribed to my youtube channel may have already seen this, but here is a video of the progress I made:

Last spring I made a simple networked game application called "The Anarchy Sandbox" to explore some game dev stuff with my kids.  While they never really did anything with it, it does make a great place to prototype libraries like this.  So I used it for prototyping steering behaviors that I will directly use underneath the AI in Mythruna... some day.

It's funny because even when I think to myself "Oh, I'll just create some simple game to keep my spirits up..." I always come back to the fact that the AI portion of my personal toolbox is completely empty.  So these little milestones are pretty cool. 

Already, this level of AI is only one step away from Minecraft style "heat seeking" bad guys.  So it's certainly good enough for the basis of simple creatures and can be built upon at a later time.

I plan to take time off between Christmas and New Years also... maybe I can get a similar 2-3 hours a day during that time as well.

I'd really like to get this basic level of AI finished so that I can have simple prey/predators at least.  Potentially with the opening to support pets.

Then I have to get back to physics at some point.  My simple mphys library is missing proper constraints like joints.  I hacked some in but I'm not happy with how they work... which could be a function of the resolver and not the constraints themselves.  But spring and hinge constraints are SUPER important to a physics engine for Mythruna.  Beyond just things like doors, it will be part of the player avatar itself and is really important for how I've modeled things so far.

Hopefully: no new injuries at my house... and that I can make some decent progress.  These are kind of the last "unknown" bits holding up putting the base engine back together.
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