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To gather statistics on some new network sync designs and to benchmark some minimum performance characteristics, I've created a test application and associated test server. The server runs on the same host that runs my public server and the address is built into the test client.

When running, it looks like this:


If network throughput is reasonably then all of the boxes should be moving and bouncing around smoothly. It should cope with a reasonable amount of packet loss but that's sort of what we're here to find out.

The bottom chart shows a timeline of how many packets per second that client is receiving. When the line blue line is all the way to the top of the chart then 100% of packets are being received. If it is down in the red then half of the packets are being received. In the above image, I've simulated 50% packet loss at the server.

Fully blue is GOOD.  :)

The Connection 1/1 information lets you know how many other clients are currently logged into the server. This could be significant because there is the chance that a higher number of clients will degrade performance.

The last stat is the round trip ping time in milliseconds. It's super low in the above image because client and server were on the same machine.



Build: 20111027 (v3) - Included more detailed performance tests for low-quality connections.

Older releases... Now incompatible with the public test server.

Build: 20111026 (v2) - Better logging and error handling

Build: 20111025


Install and run it the same way you would Mythruna, though obviously they are different names. Just unzip it somewhere and run it.


The client automatically sends relevant statistics to the server so you just have to let it run for a few minutes and/or until things look like they might have stabilized.

...but the more important thing to notice as a user is visual quality. If the display frequently looks like it pauses and you are seeing lots of dropped packets then it tells me things about your connection.

The way the messages are structured you get a full world state update with each message. So if the network connection loses enough messages all of the cubes will freeze for a moment.

Please report these problems on the forum if you can or hunt down my e-mail address on the main wiki page. In order to correlate with the logs, I may need to also know your IP address but that can be sent offline or I can meet you in game and just look on the server.

F2 will also capture a screen shot if necessary.


Thanks for helping test!

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