2024-07-02 Release Notes

Major new features:

  • Dogs and butterflies
  • Tool/weapon swinging
  • Basic choppable blocks
  • Toggle for walk/jog (‘x’ key)
  • Complete overhaul of the model rendering
  • Some general performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

2024-01-16 Release Notes

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2022-09-10 Release Notes

T000074World FeaturesCodeCylinder collider
T000133Engine – WorldCodeblock chopping -> partial blocks
T000282Engine – MOBsScriptspawn triggers (scheduled, proximity)
T000299CreaturesArtdogs model
T000300CreaturesArtdogs rig
T000301CreaturesArtdogs texture
T000370Gameplay – input/controlCodepreset drag patterns/animations for clicks
T000493Engine – GeneralCodeuser preferences mapping or json configs
T000603Gameplay – ObjectsCodeModel cache loader for generated spatials
T000611Gameplay – ObjectsCodeRefactor material carvability
T000688BugCodeProperty placement sometimes doesn’t show the marker right away
T000866BugCodePlaced objects sometimes don’t show up until you leave/come back
T000870Engine – CharacterRigArtAlternate up/down drag animation
T001007Gameplay – ObjectsCodeCache shapes on the client
T001008BugCodeWest and South wide wedge blocks have a collider bug
T001010BugArtHuman/elf walk animations seem to have twisted shoulders
T001039BugCodeCrossing a leaf boundary causes NPC coloring to glitch
T001075BugCodeCan fall through inverse shallow wedge blocks like used in the wizards tower
T001078Server – adminCodeCreate a server command to dump stats about active zones, running brains, etc.
T001079BugCodePlayer entities keep zones active even when logged out
T001080AICodeBe able to update an NPCs home at runtime.
T001081AICodeActivated NPCs should check with the brain for their current spawn location.
T001083AICodeDeactivated agents leave their rigid body + agent driver around
T001084BugCodeSwitching to the test object tool leaves the objects displayed from the object tool.
T001085Gameplay – input/controlCodeBlock wand should still let us click on objects
T001086Open sourceCodeAdd indexing support to Zay-ES persistence
T001087Open sourceCodeAdd threading support to entity updater
T001088Open sourceCodeAdd simple system profiling to GameSystemManager
T001092AICodePerception sets
T001093AICodePerception frustum debug view
T001095Gameplay – physicsCodeAdd a bounding volume query to physics space
T001096Engine – GeneralCodeBlock signatures for finding similar blocks or chipped blocks
T001097BugCodeInv-wide-wedge shape colliders are very broken
T001098BugCodeGrass cubes look strange in carved objects
T001099BugCodeGameSystemManager startup errors don’t cause the game to stop
T001100Open sourceCodeArray field support in Zay-ES SQL
T001101Engine – GeneralCodeRefactor ModelViewState
T001102BugCodeCylinders can’t be clicked
T001103Gameplay – AvatarArtCopy swing animations from human-female to other models
T001106Gameplay – characterCodeImplement proper random encounter systems to spawn butterflies
T001107Gameplay – AvatarCodeToggle for “walk” versus “jog”
T001108Gameplay – scriptingCodeEither prevent an entity action from removing itself or auto-queue it
T001110Gameplay – physicsCodeImplement basic sphere collider
T001111Engine – BeautificationCodeModify block objects to at least self-light with internal lights
T001112BugCodeShell commands can’t access actions or getters of entities
T001113PerformanceCodeImageTile indicates that it does way too much work on runOnUpdate()
T001118BugCodeSometimes the default action pops up for the tool that is being held
T001120World GenerationCodeRandomly generate some pets for quest-giver NPCs.
T001122Gameplay – scriptingCodeNPCs on the corner of town fail to find their town for quest generation