2024-07-07 Release Notes

Major new features:

  • Bug fixes (This is just a bug-fix release over 2024-07-02)
T000782Gameplay – input/controlCodeAvatar is invisible if clipped before dragging begins
T000925UICodeLong chat text doesn’t wrap
T001104Gameplay – scriptingScriptFind ‘object’ references and convert to ‘self’ references
T001109BugCodeSometimes NPCs/mobs are just laying there, no animation or anything
T001124Gameplay – scriptingCode“Debug info” mode for test wand
T001125Gameplay – scriptingCodeFind ‘target’ references and convert to ‘self’ references
T001126BugCodeBuild wand (at least) logs stack traces if ‘main pressing’ empty space
T001128BugCodeReported: Error starting entity database
T001130BugCodeSometimes quest-givers generate in strange buildings even when there are temples.
T001132BugScriptNPC quest “null of town” seed 20240701 Town:2572
T001135Engine – GeneralCodeInvisible models were marked as “never cull” instead of “always cull”
T001136UICodeConfigurable console fade time