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Mythruna is developed by just one person: me, Paul Speed (Hello!). Your donations have a real effect on how much time I can devote to developing the game. Thank you to those who have contributed already. If you enjoy playing the game and really want to see what’s next then please consider helping it succeed.

Pre-alpha Test Build:


Mythruna for Windows (45810 downloads) Mythruna for MacOSX (26171 downloads) Mythruna for Linux (20016 downloads)

Detailed release notes can be found here:
Release Notes.

Highlights in this release:

  • New mortared rock material.
  • Fixes for Java 7
  • Some shader tweaks to streamline them, potentially improve performance, and maybe get them to run on more ATI cards.

Details, instructions, and links to older releases can be found here:
Engine Test Builds

Stand-alone Server Downloads

Mythruna-Server for Windows (48103 downloads) Mythruna-Server for MacOSX (5285 downloads) Mythruna-Server for Linux (4155 downloads)

Stand-alone server documentation coming soon.