About Mythruna

Thatched CottageMythruna (myth + rune + a) is a game under development attempting to combine serious role playing elements with an endless, living, and completely modifiable randomly generated sandbox world. When completed, Mythruna will be a unique gaming experience.

It may look familiar at first but when the game is completed, the differences will be instantly noticeable.

What will your story be?

The role you take will be up to you. The story you make will be uniquely your own. Will you roam the world, living off of the land? Will you run your own thriving city? Or will you be content to find a ship and crew and sail all over the world?

The pages of your personal story are blank and waiting for you to fill them.

Mythruna ForumIf you want to learn more specifics about Mythruna development then poking around the forums is a good idea. This main site is still heavily under construction and there are a lot discussions about where the game is going that haven’t been transferred here yet. Please check it out.