2022-09-10 Release Notes

Major new features:

  • Networking and self-hosted games (user accounts, etc.)
  • Stand-alone network server
  • New UI styling
  • Player property claim management (protected sections of the world)

Full change log:

T000314Gameplay – scriptingCodeAPI preambles (at least for auto-imports)
T000315Gameplay – scriptingCodedump script on error report
T000316Gameplay – scriptingCodeproperly named scripts for error report
T000318Gameplay – scriptingCodeobject – script API integration
T000319Gameplay – scriptingCodebasic class hierarchy support with lessons learned
T000362Gameplay – PropertyCodeproperty zone persistence
T000363Gameplay – PropertyCodeposition to property containment checks/searches
T000364Gameplay – PropertyCodeproperty constraint flags
T000365Gameplay – PropertyCodeblock edit property constraints
T000366Gameplay – PropertyCodeobject move/add/remove property constraints
T000524Gameplay – PropertyCodeproperty book UI
T000559NetworkingCodeIn-game self hosting setup
T000560NetworkingCodeDedicated server bundle
T000633NetworkingCodeRegistered server .json download
T000634BugCodeSpaces prevented in world names
T000635Engine – GeneralCodeImplement basic mod organization API
T000636Engine – GeneralCodeCustom mod properties
T000639AuthenticationCodeImplement basic file-based account management for servers
T000640Gameplay – PropertyArtProperty marker symbols
T000641BugCodeNPE in WorldViewState.LeafView for out of bounds leafs
T000643BugCodePlayerDriver physics hack saves the wrong spawn position
T000644BugCodeOld avatars show up but not their attachments
T000645BugCodeMblock shader fails on mac m1
T000646Engine – WorldCodeWorld client support for world index data like block types/fluid types, etc.
T000647Engine – WorldCodeTreeTypeIndex needs to be serializable and available to client
T000648AuthenticationCodeCreate account screen
T000649BugCodeSecond player logging in wipes out the inventory of the first
T000652UICodeConnection list in host management screen
T000655NetworkingCodeShell command to kick players
T000656AuthenticationCodeAbility to ban players with shell command support
T000658AuthenticationCodeHooks for account-related events: create, login, logoff
T000659Gameplay – scriptingCodeEvent bus integration
T000662Gameplay – PropertyCodeProperty boundary visualization
T000664NetworkingCodeExit world back to hosted game manager
T000665BugCodeCannot start another single player game after exiting a world
T000666NetworkingCodeHelp text on connection dialog
T000667BugCodeServer closing network connection doesn’t cleanup client properly
T000669NetworkingCodeWho client shell command to list chat players
T000670NetworkingCodeAutomatically add admin commands to player shells with admin perms
T000672Server – adminCode‘stats’ command
T000673NetworkingCodeClient stats command or to see their own network stats
T000674Engine – GeneralCodeConfigurable settings for debug toggles like far terrain, etc.
T000678BugCodeProperty markers have actions that they shouldn’t have
T000679BugCodeInventory action menus broken with help window open
T000680BugCodeNPE when input is provided and no item is equipped
T000681Gameplay – ObjectsCodeUnequip action
T000683Gameplay – PropertyCodeProperty size/intersection constraints
T000684Gameplay – PropertyCodeArea field color based on permissions
T000686Gameplay – PropertyCode“Are you sure?” for property retrieval
T000687Gameplay – PropertyCodeHelp text for property management dialog
T000689BugCodeProperty management UI does not update with with property changes
T000690BugCodeObjects can be dragged into properties where we don’t have perms
T000691BugCodePlayer 2 seems to be able to edit in player 1’s stronghold property
T000692ReleaseCodeLog cleanup pass for birthday release
T000694Gameplay – PropertyCodeShow the property size and area in the details view.
T000695BugCodeInventory actions when open from player menu close the inventory