Donation Benefits

As a thank you to those who donate, there are some rewards and benefits that are offered depending on the level of contribution.

Some of the benefits, such as the account, are immediate and provide some value with the first donation and I believe that value will grow over time.

Other benefits are more speculative and forward looking. These will be rewards we share together based on the success of the game.

I may add additional benefits later as ideas are percolated. See your current benefits

Here are the descriptions of the currently intended benefits for each level, subject to my Donation Caveats (like not being hit by a bus)!:

Level 1: $5 – The Water Tester

    • A player account on (game login support planned soon) that provides a global login to game supporting servers, as well as access to player-specific content. If you want to have a specific user name, then this is a way to lock it in early.
    • Access to a players only group on the forum. (Note: forum account synching is not yet automatic. Please login to the forum and send a private message to pspeed with your user ID and I will add you to the “players group”.)
    • $10 discount on purchasing the “pay to play” version when it hits alpha. (Cannot be used in conjunction with higher donation levels.)

Level 2: $10 – The Discount Shopper

    • All of the benefits of the previous level except the $10 discount (since this level already gets the full game).
    • A full pre-paid client license for the “pay to play” version when it hits alpha.

Level 3: $25 – The Enthusiast

    • All of the benefits of the previous level.
    • A full pre-paid “registered server” account. Under the terms of any final “user” agreement, this will allow you to list your server on the (eventual) Mythruna server list that players will have access to in game. This may be as high as a $40 value.

Level 4: $50 – The Friend of Mythruna

    • All of the benefits of the previous level.
    • Access to a private “Friends of Mythruna” forum group for high-donators and those close to the development of the game.
    • Early access to some releases and content.
    • Your name in the first edition released game’s credits in the “Donators” section.

Level 5: $100 – The Valiant Knight

    • All of the benefits of the previous level.
    • Help name and contribute to the design of one of the NPCs that will appear in the town/city near the default player spawn.
    • A “Contributing Character Designer” game credit for the above in the game’s first edition.

Note: if for some reason a huge number of people donate at the $100 level (I can dream right?) then I may have to cut-off the “design a character” benefit or expand the scope to include towns farther away from spawn. This will be decided based on a first-come first-serve basis.

Level 6: $150 – The Lord of Generosity

    • All of the benefits of the previous level.
    • A signed (by me) and numbered full-color hard-back version of the “Creatures and Races of Mythruna” book that I hope to produce some time during the alpha period (assuming the game makes it to alpha). This is probably the only way to get a hardback version since the normal version will be a smaller, unsigned paperback. My intention is that this book will include full color artwork and concept photos collected during the game’s development along with descriptions of the races and many of the Mythruna creatures.