20120216 Release Notes

20120216 is mostly just a bug fix release over 20120214. Changes specific to this update:

  • Fixed a bug where collisions weren’t working in single player.
  • Fixed application icon on Mac OSX.
  • “worldDb” now available in the script bindings again.
  • Added a scripting console that can be accessed by running the game with the -script command line argument and then invoking /script in the chat console.

Details release notes for pre-alpha test build version: 20120214

  • Reorganized all of the source code to be more modular to support different releases.
  • Split into separate client and server projects to generate a separate stand-alone server download.
  • Added a report command for listing cache status and potentially other resource allocation reports in the future.
  • Avatar now has hair and a properly separated (non alien-stretchy) head.
  • WorldDatabase now only relights a column if it has generated leafs _and_ if those leafs don’t come prelit.
  • Fixed a bug with actions chained deeper than 2 levels.
  • Skip the ground mask mixing for wavy grass when in low quality mode. Also fixed the grass to work with low quality mode at all since previously it wasn’t.
  • Updated the built in spawn town for seed 0 to not have blocky trees and spruced things up a bit in general.
  • Server can now set a world seed with -seed.
  • World now remembers what seed was used to generate it.
  • Fixed a bug where the fake HDR would get stuck on high… making everything super-duper glowy.
  • Cave generator descriptors are now cached on disk once generated. This is a little faster but also means that they don’t have to be cached in memory which I think was what was causing the server to occasionally run out of ram.
  • Added scripting hooks for custom cave generation.
  • Reduced the low level column info cache to about 1/4 what it was.
  • Unified the scripting environments of tools, commands, and player event hooks in both single and multi-player
  • Single player database record for player-specific persistent data even in single-player… part of the unified scripting environment.
  • Added a memory % indicator to the debug HUD.
  • Improved memory management of native buffers.
  • Less agressive geometry cache.
  • JME performance improvements, upgraded to revision 9149