20120221 Release Notes

Details release notes for pre-alpha test build version: 20120214

  • Scripting console environment now more closely matches the real init-scripts environment.
  • Fixed a potential recursion bug in ClientOptions. This might have been the cause of a start-up hang that one player was experiencing. (It was hiding it.)
  • Fixed a bug in ClientOptions caused by locale specific string casing.
  • CachedBlueprintDatabase actually caches its blueprints now. (This was one source of lag.)
  • The collision mesh system now loads collision meshes on a background thread. (This was another biiiig source of lag.)
  • Added the beginnings of a “game mode” which reconfigures the user interface more like what it will be like. Press “g” to toggle game mode on and off.
  • Added the beginnings of a temporary inventory window for “game mode”. It currently just displays a player’s blueprints. Press “i” to toggle the inventory window.
  • A bunch of internal stuff harder to describe here.