20120308 Release Notes

Details release notes for pre-alpha test build version: 20120308

  • DefaultBlueprintDatabase now has utility methods for importing and exporting blueprints. This makes it easier for scripts to extract and insert specific blueprints.
  • Init scripts now have access to a “localDirectory” property that is set to the directory from which they were loaded. This makes it easier for them to load local resources (like blueprints).
  • Added a better findEntity() method to the entity system that takes a list of components as well as a filter. This better matches the other entity system methods.
  • Fixed the init script loader to traverse sub-directories looking for init scripts. It was designed to do this but a bug was preventing it.
  • Added a proper StringIndex for converting strings to IDs.
  • Added support for named models.
  • Added support for object templates and object actions.
  • Fixed a mesh caching bug in BlockObject.
  • Added a basic shingles block type, though it needs some tweaking.
  • Added additional error logging to the main menu handling.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging objects or property markers.