20120417 Release Notes

Details release notes for pre-alpha test build version: 20120417

  • Added some code to app startup that validates that Mythruna has permission to write to the current directory and pops up an error if it can’t.
  • When an error log is written, a pop-up window will show that there was an error and show the location of the error log.
  • Fixed a major cause of random GC-related game pauses.
  • Modified the script manager to keep track of the “next index” for initializeNext() calls so that multiple calls from the same script will be executed in the order added.
  • Water is now “unclickable” and must be replaced with a different block in order to remove it.
  • Water will automatically propagate to the next block if a block is removed. It does not “flow” but this will prevent the worst of the water griefing and allows underwater terrain to be easily modified.
  • Added script hooks for intercepting chat messages and potentially running dirty words filters on them. Created a default dirty words groovy script that I will post to the wiki or forums until a standard admin script pack is included with the release.
  • Added a “grant” command to the server console… similar to, but slightly more powerful than, the version for player admins. Eventually they will be unified but at least now server admins can grant/ungrant privs without logging in… which means that they can setup their admin player right from the server console.
  • Fixed the stand alone server’s “-nogui” to actually work without popping up a single GUI.
  • Added Object->Snap Vertical and Object->Snap All actions for snapping placed objects to the grid in additional ways.
  • Fixed small collision glitches when the camera was in “/climb none” mode and trying to walk over objects smaller than the camera mesh.
  • Fixed a bug where logging in with a bad account would prevent further logins without shutting the client down.
  • Refactored the internal multi-player login steps. Added a check for not getting UDP packets back so we can warn the player if the client is not receiving these updates.
  • Added support for scripted blocks though this really isn’t exposed properly for modding yet (block packs support coming soon).
  • Added a bunch of new block types and broke the slopes out into their own categories in most cases: half blocks for dirt and sand, shallow slopes for dirt, sand, stone, etc.. Steep slopes and underslopes for wood, shingles, etc..
  • Added horizontal cylinders: wood spars and logs.
  • Changed the memory indicator to read if the max memory is less than expected.