20120508 Release Notes

Details release notes for pre-alpha test build version: 20120508

  • Better sun effect
  • Better moon… with phases.
  • Added undocumented ‘r’ (rotate 90 degrees) and ‘t’ (mirror in X axis) keys to the blueprint editor to make it easier to normalize my building part blueprints. Can be used for mirroring parts and stuff, though.
  • World collision mesh is now recalculated a little more intelligently to avoid long lags during update spamming (like from mass build scripts or autoclickers).
  • Fixed some clipping issues with certain block types incorrectly clipping the faces of other blocks.
  • Fixed a bug with flames, stars, flowers, etc. where they would change sizes at different screen resolutions making hi-res pictures look dopey with rising fire drops instead of flames.
  • Added more status to the loading screen and switch earlier during loading.
  • Updated the stand alone server to include some standard admin scripts.
  • Added an experimental video recording hot-key. F7 will now toggle video recording on and off, creating a new file each time. No audio, just video.
  • Modified the map so that the number pad plus and minus keys will zoom in and out. You have to tap them now instead of being able to hold them down but I will fix that in a future release.
  • Added a notification message when an object is placed.