2022-10-31 Release Notes

Major new features:

  • Day/night sun/stars/moon
  • Ambient sounds, day/night specific
  • Main menu music
  • UI sound effects
  • Started tree-chopping code
  • Avatar lighting matches environment

2022-09-10 Release notes: https://mythruna.com/2022-09-10-release-notes/

Full change log:

T000104World ManagementCodetime-based environment management
T000105World ManagementCodetween for sun/moon/stars position
T000106World ManagementCodetween for bloom settings
T000107World ManagementCodetween for fog settings
T000108World ManagementCodetween for light color
T000109World ManagementCodetween for skybox settings
T000110World ManagementCodeconfigure initial day/night environment settings
T000145Engine – WorldCodesky dome/shader
T000146Engine – WorldCodestar dome/shader
T000147Engine – WorldArtsun graphics
T000148Engine – WorldArtmoon phase graphics
T000149Engine – SoundCodebasic sound system
T000150Engine – SoundCodesound settings
T000151Engine – SoundCodeambient sounds by time of day
T000152Engine – SoundCoderandom foley sounds by time of day
T000160Engine – WorldCodefind tree for block function
T000161Engine – WorldCodefind tree blocks for tree function
T000162Engine – WorldCodefunction to convert blocks to a tree object
T000190Engine – WorldCodeclient-side-only game systems
T000586Engine – ToolsCodeAdd save/load clothing templates to Rigger
T000597Engine – CharacterRigCodeLocal/sun lighting support
T000661Development/DebugCodeToggle for the world grids
T000682BugCodeIdle dedicated server takes almost a full core of CPU usage.
T000699BugCodeDragged objects sometimes lose their lighting after entering the ground
T000702Open sourceCodeAdd onTerminate to modules
T000703Engine – GeneralCodeReloadable client-side mod packs
T000706UICodeConfigurable toggles for sky parts
T000707Gameplay – AvatarCode“Cave” specific bloom settings that override environment bloom
T000708World ManagementCodeMigrate mythruna environment settings and merge with new settings
T000709Engine – SoundCodeMain menu music
T000710Engine – SoundCodeMain menu ambient sound
T000711Engine – SoundCodeUI sound effects
T000717BugCodeCrash when flying too high.
T000718Engine – GeneralCodeConvert temporary environment mod to real environment mod
T000719Engine – GeneralCodeLocalEnvironment to detect surrounding terrain types
T000720Engine – GeneralCodeLocalEnvironment listen for block change events
T000723Engine – GeneralCodeOption to completely disable the sound renderer or replace with a null renderer
T000724BugCodeHelp screen is messed up after styling change.
T000726BugCodeAmbientSound isn’t switched from menu to game and back
T000727Engine – SoundCodeConfigure foley sounds
T000728ReleaseCodeCleanup logging for Halloween release
T000729UICodeHook up the server’s WorldTime to the WorldTimeState when available