2022-11-16 Release Notes

Major new features:

  • Performance improvements over the network
  • Alternate keys for mouse wheel functions (‘,’/’.’)

2022-10-31 Release notes: https://mythruna.com/2022-10-31-release-notes/

2022-09-10 Release notes: https://mythruna.com/2022-09-10-release-notes/

T000128Engine – WorldCodelocal edits versus world edits
T000617Engine – GeneralCodeConfigurable worker thread counts, live or from config
T000722Engine – WorldCodeCache tile-based data instead of loading it every time
T000732BugCodeWorldViewState.viewRadius setting errors out with class cast exception
T000734NetworkingCodeAdd a configurable lag simulator to GameServer
T000736NetworkingCodeServer startup settings
T000737NetworkingCodeEntityContainer to send filter changes on background thread
T000738NetworkingCodeAdd a MovementInput watchdog to GameHostService.
T000739PerformanceCodeRun periodic world picking on a background thread
T000740PerformanceCodeSee about moving LocalEnvironment updates to background thread
T000741PerformanceCodeMove ModelViewState light retrieval to background thread or reuse LocalEnvironment
T000742BugCodeAvatar model flips around when changing object wand objects.
T000743PerformanceCodeMblock spatial creation to background thread for activation focus
T000744PerformanceCodeModelViewState model retrieval/creation on background thread
T000746Engine – WorldCodeDistinguish mask-only edits from type edits to avoid block resurrection
T000747PerformanceCodeStart WorldManager on a background thread
T000748PerformanceCodePreload initial world data on background thread
T000749BugCodeSometimes when we login, we can’t move and our avatar is in a weird state
T000756PerformanceCodeRetrieve and cache names as UserData during model construction
T000758UICodeAlternate keys for mouse wheel actions.
T000759UICodeAdd initial loading screen splash image and loading music
T000760BugCodeMagic light blocks cannot be removed once placed
T000762BugCodeOnce the property view is enabled, markers do not go away