2023-01-27 Release Notes

Major New Features

  • Improved world generation
  • Initial creature AI
  • Tool/weapon swing prototype

2022-11-16 Release notes: 2022-11-16 Release Notes

2022-10-31 Release notes: 2022-10-31 Release Notes

2022-09-10 Release notes: 2022-09-10 Release Notes

Full change log:

T000237AICodesimple on/off AI sleep level based on player visibility/distance
T000368Gameplay – input/controlCodereal time click and drag action support
T000753PerformanceCodeMove mset loading to background thread/preloader
T000768BugCodePlayers can fall through the bottom of the world again.
T000769Gameplay – physicsCodeIf y < 0, teleport to y = 1000
T000771DebugCodeContact debug state puts contacts in the wrong place
T000773Gameplay – ObjectsCodeRemember which item was being held instead of resetting every time
T000775Gameplay – input/controlCodePrototype tool dragging stuff
T000777UICodeDebug FOV settings
T000778Engine – CharacterRigCodeAdd blend configurations to crig
T000779Gameplay – input/controlCodeLet avatar movement resume from dragged yaw/pitch instead of jump-cut
T000780UICodeCentralize FOV setting and default to 70 instead of 60.
T000781Gameplay – input/controlCodeSomehow stop drag animations once contact has been made
T000783InfrastructureHardwareRefurbish UPS and setup dedicated Mythruna server
T000784InfrastructureHardwareBackup old Mythruna world and server
T000785Engine – GeneralCodeFix 2D grid-based IDs to have a y-component for layering
T000786World GenerationCodeConsider recentering the fractal instead of putting coordinates so far out
T000787Server – adminCodeTeleport/warp command
T000788BugCodeInvalid client command crashes client
T000789BugCodePing stats look weird.
T000790BugCodeFix AnimComposerRig HACK
T000791ToolsCode“Sky box” toggle in the mapper tool to show in-game horizon
T000792ToolsCodeMapper: configurable starting zoom
T000793ToolsCodeMapper: store tile build times in a CSV file
T000794UICodeSelectable fractal in world config screen (config togglable)
T000795World GenerationCodeTemporarily add current fractal just to see what it looks like
T000796World GenerationCodeStart new worlds out at 6:00 AM instead of midnight.
T000797ToolsCodeConfigurable grid size in BlockEd2
T000798BugCodeFlame blocks cannot be removed
T000799World GenerationCodeWorld compatibility check, beyond just the fractal
T000801World GenerationCodeAdjust building frequency for arid land
T000803BugCodeLots of z-fighting in far terrain at 0/1 water/shore
T000804BugCodeNPE in RemoteWorldData when new light comes in for an empty LightData
T000806World GenerationCodeSingle-player debug view of fractal values (ecology, weather, climate)
T000807World GenerationCodeBetter world spawn location calculation from mapper scripts
T000809World GenerationCodePut back test buildings but modded for newer terrain.
T000810BugCodeMarks cannot be updated.