2023-08-01 Release Notes

Major New Features

  • More advanced world generation including caves and proto-towns
  • Dungeon generation prototype “game”
  • Underwater effects
  • Map markers
  • …and some other stuff.

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2022-10-31 Release notes: 2022-10-31 Release Notes

2022-09-10 Release notes: 2022-09-10 Release Notes

Full change log:

T000040World GenerationCodeimplement sedectile manager with only basic feature layout
T000042World GenerationCodesedectile level cave layout
T000043World GenerationCodecave generation layer – columns
T000044World GenerationCodecave generation layer – terrain image
T000171Engine – WorldCodeunder-water effects
T000497Server – adminScriptscripted server commands
T000609UICodeEquipped marker in inventory
T000632BugCodeFlame blocks clip too soon.
T000660Gameplay – ObjectsScriptMove initial character setup to scripted hooks
T000668Server – adminCodeAuto-load mod packs from a particular directory – server
T000671Server – adminScriptDetailed ‘who’ command
T000675Gameplay – physicsScriptAction to toggle on/off object physics
T000685Server – adminScriptServer stats command for mem, etc.
T000697Development/DebugScriptShell commands to set logging levels.
T000704Server – adminCodeConfigurable loop sleep strategy
T000712Engine – WorldCodeNight brightness keyed to moon phase
T000721Engine – GeneralCodeModelViewState listener for block change events
T000725BugCodeBlock materials ignore diffuse color when there is no sun
T000741PerformanceCodeMove ModelViewState light retrieval to background thread or reuse LocalEnvironment
T000761BugCodeSpecular is messed up, especially at night.
T000765BugCodeMobs hang around when going out of view
T000776UICodeMore post-proc settings in settings menu
T000812BugCodeIn-game server console too long and badly colored
T000813Server – adminCodeAbility to live reload custom mod packs
T000815Server – adminCodeMake login/logoff consistent to capture in logs with other chat messages
T000816UICodeAdd mythruna-client.config option to enable/disable joystick support
T000817Development/DebugCodeEmbed mapper tool execution into Mythruna codebase.
T000818BugCodeBlock changes mess up far terrain views
T000819BugCodePlaced objects have daylight when they shouldn’t.
T000820Engine – SoundCodePrioritized audio and limit max local channels
T000821BugCodePlaced objects cause significant frame drop in quantity
T000822BugCodePlayer names constantly refresh
T000823Engine – SoundCodeOverride attenuation with more dramatic fall-off
T000827World GenerationCodeBug: sometimes near tiles do not reflect caves accurately.
T000829Engine – GeneralCodeFix fog to be based on vertex daylight so caves don’t have bright fog
T000830BugCodeRemoved entities leave their physics collision shapes behind
T000831BugCodeStatic to dynamic object transitions are not working.
T000833BugCodeDragged static objects do not move the collision shape
T000834Engine – BeautificationCodeEmissive material properties for lit textures
T000835BugCodeDragged objects sometimes disappear somewhere
T000836BugCodeSome part of caves is generating really wild far terrain, probably wall influencer
T000839UICodeBetter error reporting for when back-end scripts/RPC calls fail
T000840World GenerationCodeProper versioning for sedectile files
T000841World GenerationCodeProper versioning for feature files
T000842Gameplay – ObjectsScriptMove build wand creation to hook scripts
T000843Gameplay – ObjectsScriptMove backpack creation to hook scripts
T000844Engine – GeneralCodeCleanup GameSessionHostedService
T000845Gameplay – ObjectsScriptMove standard blueprints config to scripts
T000846BugCodeLineInfluencer causes large chunks of the world to go missing
T000847World GenerationCodeModify caves to tend to generate down near surface?
T000848UICodeMap zoom with some hires/lores transition and standardization of map grid
T000849UICodeBasic map marker support
T000852BugCodeAttachments sometimes trigger ModelViewState to request far off cells
T000856BugCodeScripted actions don’t live-update
T000857Gameplay – physicsCodeInitial water physics
T000858UICodeStyling for rollup panels
T000859Gameplay – scriptingScriptAdd .canRun() support for object actions
T000860UICodeMap feature layer toggles
T000861UICodeMap feature layer proper zone filtering
T000862World GenerationCodeFinalize sedectile data format to include generated SedectileData
T000863BugScriptProperty claims can’t be placed
T000864Gameplay – PropertyScriptAdd map markers for property and keep them updated.
T000865Gameplay – scriptingScript“return to start” teleporter for the end of the test dungones
T000867BugScriptBlueprints copied from non-blueprint objects are missing their cells
T000868Gameplay – ObjectsCodeAdd a way to load .blocks files as ‘carved’
T000869World GenerationCodeBetter temporary town/POI placement
T000873World GenerationCodePrevent trees from growing in structures
T000875UICodeLoading screen messages
T000876Gameplay – scriptingScriptCleanup tool creation scripts
T000877UICodeHide non-default map markers under extra check box
T000879BugCodeSpawn tower blocks are twisted
T000880UICodeFix icon/label scaling on map