2023-09-07 Release Notes

Major New Features

  • Custom in-game clothing design

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2022-09-10 Release notes: 2022-09-10 Release Notes

Full Change Log:

T000883ClothingCodeDefine initial FabricType related classes
T000884ClothingArtCreate tailor’s dummy models
T000885ClothingCodeInitial in-game clothing designer.
T000888ClothingArtArm maps are upside down in dummy
Arm maps are upside down in female model
T000889ClothingCodeUse alpha for shininess in LocalLighting.j3md
T000890ClothingCodeClothing design selector
T000891Gameplay – AvatarCodeBackup entity for tucking away components removed when leaving the world
T000893BugCodeUser changes to default blueprints are wiped out when the world is loaded.
T000894BugCodeGenerated CellArrayIds needlessly colliding for arrays sized 32x32x32
T000896Gameplay – AvatarCodeSimple UI for putting custom clothing on the avatar.