2023-09-30 Release Notes

This is the “pumpkin patch” comprising the following major updates.

Major new features:

  • Client->server bug fix
  • new pumpkin and jack-o-lantern blocks
  • new flora blocks (tall grasses, flowers, brush)
  • users can export/import clothing and blueprint designs

2023-09-07 Release Notes

2023-08-01 Release Notes

2022-01-27 Release Notes

2022-11-16 Release Notes

2022-10-31 Release Notes

2022-09-10 Release Notes

Full change log:

T000895BugCodeIncorrect specular calculations for LocalLighting.j3md used by characters
T000897BugCodeTemporary clothing selector help text is way wrong.
T000901UICodeSort blueprints in selector
T000902UICodeSort clothing designs in selector
T000905ClothingArtAdd twill fabric type and colors
T000908Server – adminCodeUsers that exist in the accounts database cannot login to new worlds
T000909NetworkingCodeFabric exception when connecting to a remote world
T000910World FeaturesArtJack-o-lanterns
T000912World GenerationCodeReduce frequency of ‘to the ground’ pine in high density areas
T000914Gameplay – physicsCodeNull colliders or some way to have selectable blocks without physical form
T000915World GenerationCodeMaterial/factory support for basic flora blocks
T000916World GenerationCodeFog for flower material
T000917World GenerationCodeDistance clip for flora blocks
T000918UICodeDebug disable/enable for flora blocks
T000919World GenerationCodeInitial flora generation
T000921World GenerationCodeGet tree splats working again
T000922UICodeExport/import clothing designs
T000923UICodeExport/import blueprints