2023-10-23 Release Notes

Major new features:

  • Added human male playable character
  • Added elf female playable character
  • Added elf male playable character
  • Added aged leather fabrics as well as wrought iron and black steel
  • Enhanced character creation
  • Selectable hair and skin color, both during character creation and ‘in game’

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2022-09-10 Release Notes

Full change log:

T000448Gameplay – characterCoderace and subtype selector and descriptions
T000449Gameplay – characterCodegender selector based on race
T000453Gameplay – characterCodeskin color
T000455Gameplay – characterCodehair color
T000903Gameplay – AvatarArtCreate basic male avatar model
T000906Gameplay – characterCodeAppearance system for turning clothing/hair/etc. changes into ShapeInfo
T000926BugCodeCrash on exit from server
T000930Engine – GeneralCodeLong-form text support
T000933Gameplay – characterCodeInitial race configs/text/etc
T000934BugCodeCrash when joining game on server. Requires server restart to clear.
T000935BugCodeObject tool focus severely delayed
T000938BugCodeLemur’s selector popup shows up in the wrong place for none 900y GUIs
T000939Open sourceCodeUpdate Lemur’s color chooser to have a marker for selected color
T000940Open sourceCodeFix string index to support larger strings, auto-upgrade tables
T000941Open sourceCodeBug in zay-es-net not sending some component changes
T000942Engine – GeneralCodeBase support for body types, changeable appearance, etc..
T000943BugCodeTailor’s dummy somehow got too shiny
T000945Gameplay – characterCodeStarter outfit
T000946ClothingArtAdd black steel fabric
T000948ClothingArtAdd aged leather fabric
T000950Gameplay – characterCodeCharacter UI for setting skin and hair color (temporary)
T000951Gameplay – characterCodeHook up body type default skin/hair colors
T000952Gameplay – AvatarArtCreate basic elf female avatar model
T000953Gameplay – AvatarArtCreate basic elf male avatar model