2023-10-30 Release Notes

Major new features:

  • ‘m’ to open map
  • remembers last user ID for a server
  • remembers sound volume settings
  • remembers block clip distance setting
  • a bunch of UI bug fixes

2023-10-23 Release Notes

2023-09-30 Release Notes

2023-09-07 Release Notes

2023-08-01 Release Notes

2022-01-27 Release Notes

2022-11-16 Release Notes

2022-10-31 Release Notes

2022-09-10 Release Notes

Full change log:

T000700BugCodeLemur selector popup not closed when selector is removed.
T000937BugCodeContinue last world, exit, join network game throws exception
T000955UICodeMake config settings save at least the sound volume settings
T000956UICode‘m’ for map
T000957BugCodeHitting ‘e’ while the block selector is open causes the UI to get bad
T000960UICodeHot key for hard-resetting the UI/cursor focus, etc. when trouble arises
T000961Open sourceCodeZay-ES PR #30
T000962Open sourceCodeZay-ES (examples) PR #2
T000963Open sourceCodeZay-ES PR #29
T000964Engine – WorldCodeMap glass to ‘nothing’ for far point clouds… green looks dumb.
T000966BugCodeMale character name text is offset by a large amount
T000967UICodeRemember user ID from last login, per world
T000969UICodeRemember last block clip radius setting