2023-12-03 Release Notes

Major new features:

Full change log:

T000073World FeaturesCodeWedge collider
T000338Gameplay – ObjectsCodeworkbench viewport
T000339Gameplay – ObjectsCodeblueprint selection
T000341Gameplay – ObjectsCodehinge attachments
T000342Gameplay – ObjectsCodeglue attachments
T000343Gameplay – ObjectsCodehinge open/close animation constraints (automatic?)
T000344Gameplay – ObjectsCodenamed hinges?
T000508ToolsCodeShaper – collider tests
T000913UICodeFabrics and colors in alphabetical order
T000929BugCodeDragged objects treat half-blocks as full blocks
T000954BugCodeCannot remove flame blocks in blueprint editor
T000958ClothingCodeCyan/teal wool and twill colors
T000959ClothingArtFull vertical laces, useful for grids
T000972BugCodeBlockIterator returning the same block twice in two different locations
T000975Gameplay – scriptingCodeSplit up base-objects.groovy to only include base items
T000976UICodeCharacter list in alphabetical order
T000979Gameplay – ObjectsCodeSupport for object assemblies
T000980Gameplay – ObjectsCodeJoint morph systems
T000981Gameplay – ObjectsCodeRefactor SpatialFactory using latest knowledge
T000982Gameplay – ObjectsCodeSave/load assemblies
T000984Gameplay – ObjectsCodeBinary object assembly storage/retrieval
T000985Gameplay – ObjectsCodeBasic object assembly editor
T000990Gameplay – ObjectsCodeHook up assembly blueprints to the object tool
T000992Gameplay – ObjectsCodeExport/import assemblies
T000994Gameplay – ObjectsCodeAbility to delete blueprints
T000997Gameplay – ObjectsScriptDefault assembly designs
T000998Gameplay – ObjectsScriptReplace some dungeon objects with assemblies
T000999BugScriptBase hand cannot execute context actions on objects