2024-01-16 Release Notes

Major new features:

Full change log:

T000320Gameplay – scriptingCodepersistent object variables/properties
T000642Engine – GeneralCodeWorld preloader with progress reporting
T000770AICodeImplement a passive agent filter in AgentSystem
T000814BugCodeSyntax errors make a live-modpack unreloadable
T000983Gameplay – ObjectsCodeAnimated morphs
T000995Gameplay – ObjectsCodeDefault action on left-click
T000996Gameplay – ObjectsCodeDefault action tooltip on hover
T001001BugCodeIncorrect min/max limits for workbench offsets
T001002Gameplay – scriptingScriptMove player type definition to its own file
T001004BugCodeRay collisions with short limits seem to collide with the wrong things.
T001005Gameplay – scriptingScriptConsolidate context action accumulation
T001006UICodeSound effect when new chat messages come in
T001009BugCodeAssembly UI sometimes has both joint and subassembly Uis
T001020World GenerationCodeCreate a special server environment for performance-testing init world gen
T001022AICode“Pet” the gaefen to make it like+follow you for a while
T001024AICodeFace player when talking to them and stop moving.
T001026Gameplay – ObjectsCodeFix drag/drop to work between containers
T001027Gameplay – ObjectsScriptStandardize item creation
T001028Gameplay – ObjectsCodeAdd debug labels instead of using Name
T001029Gameplay – characterCodeAdd CharacterName component and hook it into name getter
T001030Gameplay – characterCodeRandom name/skin/hair for NPCs
T001031Engine – GeneralCodeStandardize background-thread component retrieval
T001032Engine – GeneralCodeStandardize background-thread ‘strings’ retrieval
T001033Gameplay – ObjectsCodeObject view text: status, talking, name, etc.
T001034World GenerationCodeCleanup no-op logging
T001035Open sourceCodeCentralize mod-manager’s import customizer to avoid recalculating for each pack
T001036Open sourceCodeMove progress tracker stuff to its own module with some visualization
T001037UICodeRefactor how progress reporting is done during world load and entering
T001038UICodeFilter out generation threads from main progress reporting
T001040Open sourceCodeTurn verbose ObjectType action logging into a descriptor dump
T001041World GenerationCodeStore some structure info about generated buildings
T001042World GenerationCodeGenerate building POI triggers during world generation
T001043Engine – GeneralCodeSystem for generating trigger events for players
T001044UICodeLoading with/splash should always have a progress bar
T001045Gameplay – scriptingCodeRemove the requirement to pass ‘environment’ to the action methods
T001046Gameplay – scriptingCodeAdd quatd multiplication with vec3d support
T001048Gameplay – characterCodeConfiguration for race-based pronoun sets
T001051Open sourceCodeAdd code to mod-manager to detect post-startup binding changes
T001052UICodeJournal UI for viewing quest information
T001054Gameplay – scriptingCodeMissing method exceptions get confused.
T001055UICodeSwitching from Journal to Map with ‘m’ causes a dialog to popup
T001056Engine – GeneralCodeSubpart support from text-db
T001057World – building partsArtFix a bug with how ‘tall dungeon’ is inserted into the world
T001058UICodeMake off-main-thread progress smaller
T001059UICodeModify the dialog popup to use the simple markdown code for text formatting
T001060Gameplay – characterCodeCharacter relationships
T001061UICodeFilter NPC names by whether you know them or not.
T001062UICode“Close” hook for dialogs when some closure is required
T001065AICodeImplement zone-based system for activating/deactivating AgentType levels
T001066UICodeAdd back player names above the heads, optionally.
T001067Gameplay – scriptingScriptImplement a basic quest system plus NPC dialogs, etc.
T001068AICodeAdd a way for AI agents to ‘speak’ in the chat that is distinct from players
T001069BugCodeNPCs generate a bunch of init errors about missing ‘run’ animation
T001071BugCodeClose dialog action double-sends
T001072Gameplay – scriptingCodePlace one random NPC in a town upon approach.
T001073Gameplay – scriptingCodeImplement trigger visibility to confine triggers to just one player
T001076Gameplay – scriptingCodeAdd rough quest markers